My Name-Changes at a Glance.

Hi Everyone

Thank you for your interest in my site.

I guess if you actually made it that far, you must be really interested in what I have to say, for whatever the reason.

My name is Lee Lin Cher, and I am a Mister (Mr) by the way, in case you missed it in the introduction.

And of course, you would have known by now that I have changed my name multiple times, first from Lee Lin Cher to Rajamanickam Lee Xuan Zhi, then to Lee Xuan Zhi, and finally back to Lee Lin Cher again.

As confused as I may seem to you – and in everyone’s eyes – every name-change was backed by rock-hard logic, and I had – and still abide by – every reason I came up with for the each of the name-changes.

So what are my reasons? Well, if you are bored and have nothing else better to do, you can venture to read on.

My Bugbear with ‘Lee Lin Cher’

Those who know me know I have every reason to hate the name ‘Lee Lin Cher’.

First, it sounds like a girl or a woman’s name.

The ‘Lin’ in the ‘Lin Cher’ sounds every bit effeminate, and I have had multiple occasions when recipients of my email assume that I am a ‘Miss’ or ‘Ms’, only to be disappointed that I am not some babe – not to mention hot babe – whom they can flirt with.

That’s another bugbear I have. Guys, if all you want is a pussy, you can always visit the cat shelter.

In addition to the unnecessary gender-confusion associated with my name, there’s also the belief and superstition associated with it.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a ‘tea-CHER‘ of some sort.

I started out in 1993 as a private tutor, not because of love and passion, but because I needed some pocket money to splurge on buffets, movie tickets and well ~~ tokens at Wywy WonderSpace.

Parents, if you know what Wywy WonderSpace is all about, well ~~ we’re from the same era.

For some reason, I am good at my game.

I have NEVER been a believer in tooting my own horn.

I am only good because others say I am good.

More often than not, I am the one who’s trying to run away from teaching and tutoring, but time and again, some obscure parent will call me out of nowhere, demanding that I teach their children, at whatever the cost.

To the innocent bystander, this is a blessing. To me, it’s a curse.

I somehow tag the ‘Cher’ in my name to my inability to escape from being a ‘tea-CHER‘, and therefore the alacrity to change it when the opportunity arose.

From Lee Lin Cher to Lee Xuan Zhi

When the decision was finally made to change the name, I did what all superstitious Chinese would do – consult a fortune teller.

Over the years, many a fortune teller has told me that the Chinese character ‘Lin’ (遴) is detrimental to my well-being.

According to one respectable old lady, it is because the character has a boat or ship as its side.

In her words, my life will rise and sink with the tides, making it very unstable, and tulmultous; and therefore, it is best to replace the character altogether.

The same message would be repeated many times by different soothsayers from myriad sects and denominations of all kinds, all taking issue with the offensive character that will derail my life of its due course.

So when the time came for the change from December 2020 to February 2021, I adopted the consensual view of these wise men and women.

I mean, the Magis of the East (yea, this is the truly Eastern) can’t be wrong right?

So I went from Lee Lin Cher to Lee Xuan Zhi.

In the English version of everything, the name-change was drastic.

But in Chinese, there was only one character change, from 李遴智 (Li Linzhi) to 李轩智 (Li Xuanzhi).

I could have stuck to Lee Lin Cher in the English, statutory version of it all, but I did the massive change, because I would very much prefer straight lines to curvy ones.

Therefore, Lee Xuan Zhi it was.

Can you trace the straight lines?

How about Rajamanickam Then?

I wish I can write more about this, but suffice to say, it’s with great regret that I couldn’t hold on to this name.

For close to 8 years of my life, I had a time of bliss and happiness at a Hindu temple.

As I would often tell of this story, I would visit the temple at least once every week, sometimes twice a week once every two weeks.

Our Indian Hindu friends would know what I am talking about.

I am a fan of Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed god, and twice a month, there’s the Chaturthi dedicated to Lord Ganesha.

So almost every Sankatahara and Shukla Chaturthi, I would undergo the pain of waking up at 3 am in the morning so that I would be able to make it in time for the temple at 5 am.

The Ganapathi Homam was something I would eagerly await, a communion I so desired.

Rajamanickam would be the name I would go by in the temple, a name in honour of the man who saved my life when I was coughing to death during my NS days.

Staff Raj – as we would address him – would be the one who would make his stand against abuse from sadistic, irrational trainers, and it would be the greatest honour to adopt the name – officially – of the man who ensured my longevity till today.

How and why I couldn’t continue with such a venerable name would be stuff of another story.

But suffice to say, it would be a chapter I hold dear to my heart.

Back to Lee Lin Cher Again

At the point of writing this, it’s already December 2023.

I have spent my whole life running. I just turned 51 last month.

At one point in time, we stop running and accept the fate that has been bestowed on us.

In Chapter 3 of the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna clearly states:

It is far better to perform one’s natural prescribed duty, though tinged with faults, than to perform another’s prescribed duty, though perfectly. In fact, it is preferable to die in the discharge of one’s duty, than to follow the path of another, which is fraught with danger. – Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 3, Verse 35

I have put myself and my loved ones through unnecessary stress by following the path of another.

It’s time to embrace my own path.

I have to be Lee Lin Cher again.

Photo Evidence of My Claims

Anybody can claim anything nowadays. It is the age of the internet, where we can be “anything we wanna be”.

I guess I need some photo-evidence of whence I have come, and whither I have gone.

So voila! You have the photo-evidence.

NRIC Lee Lin Cher

Lee Lin Cher

This was where I started; this is also where I am now, again!

NRIC Rajamanickam Lee Xuan Zhi

Rajamanickam Lee Xuan Zhi

I was Rajamanickam Lee Xuan Zhi for a while.

Lee Xuan Zhi

This was who I was from February 2021 to December 2023.

That Was a Lot!

Hey, why are you still here?

Reading about an old man ranting about the chronicle of his name-changes.

I guess you must be really interested to stick around for so long.

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