Chinese New Year 2024 Videos to make or break your day.

For a goddam long time, I have been posting Chinese New Year tear-jerkers – essentially video commercials by companies to tug at your heartstrings – on my personal sites.

The bad avocation – so to speak – began in 2014, when I first discovered the wonders of website-creation.

These many websites that used to repost these videos are no longer in existence, since ~ well ~ I have a really bad habit of destroying my own work.

Perhaps I need a counsellor who can shed light on this other destructive avocation of mine, light which I can effectively shed myself, just that I need an objective, independent observer to confirm my suspicions.

Anyway, many of these video commercials originate from Malaysia, and mind you, they are really good.

In many ways, I consider myself a heartless man – I can feel no emotion other than anger. You add in the injustice that I have encountered over the years and you can sort of surmise the degree of desensitisation I have undergone.

But the first time I saw these videos in 2014? Man, I almost caved in (maybe I did, but since there are no witnesses, I can choose to vehemently deny my supposed defeat).

It’s already 2024 – ten years after my first foray into the worlds of website-creation – and I am into the nth edition of my personal site.

So while we are at it, and when is still in existence, allow me to present to you my compilation of Chinese New Year 2024 Videos.

Chinese New Year 2024 Videos

Turn up the volume as you watch this. For maximum effect, you should be able to hear the spoken words, the background music and essentially soak in the atmosphere of the video.

Do this when you are bored, or when you want to be anti-social with your uncles, aunties and cousins who can’t help but intrude into your privacy by interrogating you about your grades, your boy/girl-friend and/or commenting about your weight or lack of it.

It’s hard to please everyone so if you are not up to it, just please yourself by turning up the volume in your earbuds and watching these videos.


The Funny

The Touching

My All-Time Favourite