The low-down on my ebook ‘Secrets to A1 in O Level English’.

Many years ago – in 2021 to be exact – I authored an ebook that purportedly unveils the secrets to A1 in O Level English.

In all sense of the word, the ebook is useless.

There is nothing in there that you don’t already know.

But that’s the problem with English. Everyone thinks that they know everything about English, till they do nothing about it.

The most magnificent secrets in life are apt to be the simplest, and this holds true especially for O Level English.

A bag of tips and tricks would mean incremental improvements in your child’s ability to handle English as a subject at school, but embracing the values and principles behind O Level English success can mean quantum leaps in performance.

My ebook would unveil the values and principles behind exceptional performance in the subject, while my classes will impart the tips and tricks that make the game.

With the help of my friend, the ebook has been given a new look. Enah has redesigned the cover and given the insides a total makeover.

The look and feel might be different, but the values and principles remain unchanged, whether at the time of writing this post, which happen to be 2024, or beyond.

So perhaps you can download the ebook here, and pass it to your child for an easy read.

Whether he or she decides to do something about it henceforth, we will leave it to them.

Till the next time, ciao!