Intensive, O Level English Revision for the One-Week March 2024 School Holidays

Well, I really don’t want to do this, because doing this means that I am acknowledging that I am coming to terms with my fate, and that my destiny is somewhat tied to Stalford Learning Centre.

As far as I am concerned, this website is mine, and I like to publish my own things, not someone else’s.

But for the goodwill extended to me over the years – despite me being some sort of a renegade – I guess I can do a short post about what’s coming up this March school holidays in 2024.

Recalibrating after Chinese New Year 2024, the Year of the Dragon

Anyway, back to my main point.

Now that the Chinese New Year festivities are over, it is time for parents and students to set their eyes on the road ahead.

The written papers for the GCE O Levels kick in in about 8 months’ time, and where exam preparations are concerned, it’s always the earlier the better.

Will your child be a soaring dragon in terms of their grades, or will they be worms digging underground when the results for the GCE O Level English exam 2024 are released in early January 2025?

Parents, if the thought of this and these (well, there are more subjects beyond English) keeps you awake at night, you might want to consider this.

A Thing about Crash Courses

I have always had some reservations about the idea of a crash course.

Well, I mean, the name sounds a tad too ominous.

Crash courses are essentially intensive programmes where you collapse the essence of a subject or topic – which is usually covered over a way longer span of time, which in this case would be 4 or 5 years – into a tremendously short period of time, which in this case would only be 1 week.

You can see the paradox in this.

‘Essence’ and ‘crash’ are oxymorons.

You won’t want to trust a pilot who has taken a crash course in aviation, will you?

O Level English Crash Course March 2024

Yet, I will be conducting an O Level English Intensive Programme during this one-week March 2024 school holidays.

The O Level English Crash Course, which will be held over a 5-day period from the 11th to the 15th of March 2024, will cover the strategic essentials of Paper 1 – the writing paper – and Paper 2, the comprehension paper.

Conducted at the Tiong Bahru branch of Stalford Learning Centre located at (where else?) Tiong Bahru Plaza, the class will be held from Monday to Friday of the March school holidays, from 7 pm to 930 pm.

To know more about this crash course, you might want to visit

Why I am Part of this Programme

This wouldn’t be the first time I am part of ‘Team-I’ (Team-Intensive).

Nope, that’s not the official name of the group of teachers involved in this endeavour, but given the writer that I am, I can’t resist the temptation of christening the team with a more sophisticated name. Slay.

But I am part of Team-I because we all understand that the world isn’t perfect.

In an ideal world, your son or daughter will be part of my class the moment he or she embarks on their secondary school education.

The luxury of time accorded to us would mean that I would employ the slow cooker method of education, where your kid will – in his or her own time – begin to slowly gain enlightenment in the subject and the language of English.

This is especially so when I painstakingly explain how almost every aspect of each paper is derived, and how I emphasise understanding over blind practice.

But life isn’t perfect.

Our paths didn’t cross, till you landed on this website.

And your kid is already in his or her O Level year.

Time is of the essence here; and the clock is ticking.

Reach out to Stalford, or you can drop me an email here.

We will crash, but we will not burn, and we will never turn back.

See you (and your child) on the other side.