Details about my O Level English 2024 Boot Camp.

It’s that time of the year again, when parents lose sleep over their children’s up and coming O Level exams.

As if that’s not enough, the O Level English 2024 exams are way earlier this year, almost by a week, on the 17th of October (Thursday) to be exact.

To prep your child for the O Level English 2024 exams, I am organising this Boot Camp that will drill into your kid the fundamentals that make the ‘A’ grade in the English paper.

There are only 8 sessions in this series, and in these 2-hour classes, I will be taking your child through all the rudiments of Paper 1 – the writing paper – and Paper 2, the reading comprehension paper.

Due to the time constraint, I will only cover the essentials that will either make or break the final grade of your child’s O Level English examination.

O Level English 2024 Paper 1 Essentials

There are three sections to Paper 1, namely: Editing, Situational Writing and Continuous Writing.

Paper 1 Section A: The Three Musketeers of Editing

Students will be given three major editing practices in order to prep them for the exam.

When I say ‘three’, it is not the usual editing practices that teachers prescribe in school.

Instead, students will be assigned only three extensive editing practices that will test the boundaries of their grammar knowledge.

I didn’t term this group tuition class a ‘boot camp’ for no reason.

Paper 1 Section B: The Fantastic Four of Situational Writing

In order for your son or daughter to survive this arena, I will arm them with extensive knowledge in these four situational writing formats, namely:

  • formal letter
  • informal letter
  • email
  • report

In case you are wondering why I have decided to zero into these four, well ~ they are the chosen ones because they are the toughest to remember.

Paper 1 Section C: The Continuous Writing Duet

There are four questions in this segment of the writing paper.

Of these four questions, one would (usually) be a descriptive, one an argumentative, one a discursive and one a narrative.

I can only use the term usually since we never really know when the O Level exam setters – under instruction from SEAB – will change tack.

Of the four questions, I will focus on coaching the:

  • descriptive; and
  • argumentative essay.

Misconceptions surround the descriptive essay, which can easily be addressed.

And where the argumentative is concerned, there are techniques and strategies to make the essay shine.


O Level English 2024 Paper 2 Essentials

There are three sections to Paper 2, in which your child will be tested on three disparate types of text, namely: Visual, Narrative and Information.

Paper 2 Section A: Visual Text: What You See Isn’t What You Get

The first of this segment will be a visual text i.e. a poster with words on it, while the second will be a text message, simulating a social media post, like Facebook (yeah, the setters are old, like us).

Your offspring will be required to interpret the intentions behind the poster and the social media post.

This segment won’t be covered in my boot camp – at least not for this series – because interpretations of such texts are hugely arbitrary, and will not be the best use of our limited time during the boot camp.

Instead, more focus will be paid to the next 2 sections.

Paper 2 Section B: Narrative Text: Equally Unappealing to Both the Dudes and Babes

The bulk of my attention for this boot camp will be on Section B and C.

In Section B, your child will be tested on (usually) a gender-neutral text which is equally unappealing for both the boys and girls.

In fact, going by the trend for the past decades, it is usually a text about this main character who will be trekking through mountains or jungles, sailing through the oceans, or something more exciting such as *cough* the character’s encounters with wildlife.

Whatever the very exciting text might be, your kid will be tested on the language as used in the text.

This basically means that the candidate must be able to pick out references from the text that support a certain observation, as well as be comfy with literary devices such as metaphor, similies and alliteration (what’s that?).

I will be paying a lot of attention to this segment, since it can easily be the toughest, and since I was a Literature teacher at school, this is entirely within my purview.

Paper 2 Section C: Information Text

Finally, the last section of O Level English Paper 2. This is the information text segment.

As the term suggests, your child must be able to read and comprehend a piece of writing focused on some topic such as Space Tourism (O Level English Paper 2, 2023), Truffles (a type of fungi)(O Level English Paper 2, 2022) and Robots (O Level English Paper 2, 2021)(*yawn*).

As we can all witness here, there is no uniformity in the type of topics that they can choose. And therein lies the fluidity of the O Level English Language Paper.

If your kid happens to be an avid reader, he or she will not have issues with the vast spectrum of topics the examiners can pick and choose from.

And therein lies the value of reading: your child will not just be fluent with language, he or she would also be versatile enough to handle any topic that will surface.

And back to my boot camp.

What will I be focusing during this boot camp?

The summary question. Since it can be controlled.

O Level English 2024 Paper 3 and 4

I won’t be focusing much on Paper 3 in this boot camp, and I definitely won’t be doing anything for Paper 4, which incidentally is the Oral Communication paper.

The O Level English 2024 Paper 4 starts on the 22nd of July (Monday), while my boot camp starts on the 10th of July (Wednesday).

There’s hardly time for me to prep your child.

So what I can’t do, I won’t promise to do.

I will do some practices for Paper 3, the Listening Comprehension Paper, but that’s after this Boot Camp (yes, I intend to have Part II to round everything up nicely).

What Next?

Well, I have given you the low-down on what I intend to cover – as well as what I don’t intend to cover.

If you think I am relevant to your child, please click on the sign-up button to be redirected to my Eventbrite page.

The boot camp starts on the 10th of July (Wednesday), from 7 to 9 pm, at a place near Beauty World MRT Station.

There will be 8 sessions for this round, during which I will cover all the topics I have listed down earlier.

There are no registration fees to contend with, and you are free to take your son or daughter out of my class if I am irrelevant to them (just don’t sign them up for the next session).

Thanks for your patience in perusing this rather lengthy post.

Whatever your decision may be, I wish the best for your child, in this up and coming O Level English 2024 exams.