Want my Curriculum Vitae (CV)? Here’s one.

Some time ago – meaning just a few days ago – someone requested for my Curriculum Vitae, or what’s commonly known as the CV.

I mean – I don’t mean to be rude – but I laughed, to the point of being a huge guffaw, in my heart of course.

I was eating at a little eatery in Johor Bahru (JB), and guffawing out of the blue might convince our Malaysian friends that I am just an obnoxious Singaporean trying to make a rather loud statement.

I am turning 52 this year.

I have not been properly employed since 2007 – when I was 35 – and I have done and accomplished more things on my own than to have a boss breathing down my neck.

If there’s a CV that any employer, or any potential partner, can refer to, it will be this website.

It documents everything that I have done, and what I will do, in the most succinct and verbose manner ever possible.

At one point in time, we stop proving ourselves to others, and we get to do what we are truly meant to do, in the most direct manner possible.

This website will be my CV.

You can embark on the journey of knowing me by clicking on the button below.