We are creatures of imagination, crafting worlds with our thoughts.

And where opinions are concerned, there is a much greater possibility that the views we form of others are more reflective of ourselves than an accurate snapshot of the person we are interacting with.

As an English tutor teaching at the classroom level, (I hope) I remain the centre of attention for students throughout the duration of the class; but in the process, I become the object of scrutiny for every word that I utter, every quirk that I undertake and every act of unfairness I might engage in.

Essentially, how I view of myself is inconsequential. I might perceive myself as a certain type of person, and you might have a polar opinion of who I am.

But who I really am might be at odds with both your views and mine.

Since we are all delusional by nature (according to my students, the new expression is called “delulu”), I can only surmise that the views that others harbour of me are a better reflection of me than my own.

Well, enough of all the philosophical musing.